A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a result of Make Game In One Hour challenge.

Made with Construct 2.

Project file included - Tinker, ponder, and hack away as you please!

Music is from Newgrounds (Click Here)

How to play:

Use mouse to control the obligatory mouse cursor (pseudo-cursor) by clicking the direction it should go, or dragging it. This game supports touch screens.

There are few more keys you can press to trigger things like debug information, sound toggle, etc.

A and D: Mute / Unmute music

Y and U: Show/hide debug info


Numpad 2, 5, 8: Speed control; 2 is 0.5x, 5 is 1x, and 8 is 2x.

Numpad 0: Deletes all boxes on screen


Phyrnna on Newgrounds for the music

Box and mouse cursor from IconArchive

(Paper Mario icon from same site on 2.0)

Update history:


  • Fixed invincibility not working
  • Fixed some performance issues on some platforms
  • Removed unused scripts


  • Disabled few buggy parts of the game
  • Added timed invincibility when reset (Note: It was supposed to be there...)


  • Total rework on textures and GUI
  • Reworked game logic
  • Changed music
  • Deleted useless sprites and sound data


  • Initial release

Install instructions

No installation required; Unzip, go to the folder with the name of your OS (e.g. osx, win32, linux32...etc), and play!

You can compile APK using Crosswalk.


Version 2.0 136 MB
Version 1.1 136 MB

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